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Elegant Halloween Wedding Cakes 222x300 Elegant Halloween Wedding CakesElegant Halloween Wedding Cakes

Homemade Wedding Cake Halloween Costume 222x300 Elegant Halloween Wedding CakesHomemade Wedding Cake Halloween Costume

Stylish elegance in a Halloween wedding cake 225x300 Elegant Halloween Wedding CakesStylish elegance in a Halloween wedding cake

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Halloween Gifts – Halloween Cake

Forget the buckets of fake blood and horror movie sound effects; it is possible to create a Halloween wedding that has nothing in common with a costume party. The key is to design an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, which both celebrates the spirit of the holiday and retains the feeling of a wedding. These are some ideas on how to have an elegant and sophisticated Halloween wedding.

Halloween is a perennially popular date for brides and grooms with a taste for the non-traditional. This year, October 31st falls over a weekend, making it even more appealing as a wedding date. If you love drama, dark colors, and have a love of all things spooky, this just might be the perfect day to host your marriage celebration! A great way to transform a Halloween wedding from potentially tacky to very luxurious is to approach it with a bit of a vintage Gothic flair. Don’t think costumes and drugstore decorations, but rather crushed velvet and heavy scrollwork. Most weddings on October 31st will have some black in the color scheme. Orange or red are the most popular colors to pair with black. After all, if you have chosen to have your wedding on this particularly holiday, you might as well embrace its signature colors. Choose a warm orange or a deep red rather than the ultra-bright versions of the hues to make the color palette more sophisticated.

A beautiful option for the bridal gown would be a cream dress accented with black lace. For the bridesmaids, dresses in either black or the accent color would be great, as long as you avoid any shades of orange which will make your girls look like living, breathing pumpkins! Custom bridesmaid jewelry in black crystal will bring to mind jet Victorian mourning jewelry. Or if your attendants are wearing black bridesmaid dresses, custom jewelry in a rich red would be a stylish detail. For the groom and the rest of the gentlemen, black suits with a Victorian or Gothic flair will be just right. Think of a dashing Dracula, minus the fangs, of course!

Carved pumpkins are a must for a Halloween wedding. You can opt for the traditional jack o’lanterns with scary faces, or something else, such as your initials, black cats, bats, or even decorative motifs like scrolls or fleurs-de-lis. Of course, any good October 31st reception will take place after dark, so create an atmosphere with somewhat dim lighting and hundreds of glowing candles. They can line walkways, be set in ornate black candelabras, and hang from the ceiling in lanterns. Custom colorwash lighting in a deep, mysterious purple would be a very cool effect. Something else that you can do with specialty lighting is to use gobo lights to project a motif onto the walls of your reception site. Transform a basic room into a haunted forest with eerie tree silhouettes to really take your Halloween wedding to the next level.

Flowers are a big part of any wedding, and for a Halloween wedding, you will be happy to know that many gorgeous blossoms are available in shades of orange and red. Tie bouquets with black velvet ribbon and place the centerpieces into ornate opaque black vases. Alternatively, the flowers can be arranged in hollowed out pumpkins and gourds for a less formal style. Add some branches, drop some jet black and red crystals from them, and you will have a fabulously elegant Halloween wedding!

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